Virtuosi Analytics
Simfoni offers a new breed of Machine Learning enabled Spend Analytics; Virtuosi™ – built for procurement professionals, by procurement professionals

FeaturesThe Features of Virtuosi Analytics

Data Management

The Virtuosi data workbench allows users to manipulate large data sets like a breeze. Easily manage, re-code & manipulate data all within the console

Advanced Filters & Search

Slice and dice the data the way you want, using the powerful open search and multi-tiered one-click filter queries

Performance Optimization

Inbuilt optimization tools are used to identify opportunities to reduce cost, lower inventory and prioritize profitable customers

Interactive Visualizations

Virtuosi visualization provides multi-touch interactivity, drill down options and cross reference capability

Taxonomy Management

Map taxonomy using auto classification engine and use the suggestion feature to improve classification quality and coverage

Tailor Made Analytics

Virtuosi Analytics is built by domain experts; not generalists. Dashboards and insight reporting can be customized to meet specific requirements

How Virtuosi Analytics Works

Spend Analytics

Data Collection and Assessment

The first step of the analytics journey is data collection and transformation. Business data – usually present in multiple systems – is collected and mapped using smart relationship algorithms. Our rapid assessment tool provides instant pointers into data quality, gaps and readiness for analysis.

Taxonomy Design & Classification

The next step of data transformation begins with category tree development and mapping. Virtuosi’s flexibility in categorization enables both customization and mapping to standards such as UNSPSC. The taxonomy and data are then loaded to the Virtuosi data workbench for automatic classification and collaborative improvement through user-driven reclassification features.

Analytics & Visualizations

Upon completion of mapping and data transformation, the information is then injected into domain specific visualizations that generate insights and guide recommendations. The analytics dashboards are then reviewed and improved through a configuration workshop to exactly meet the business requirement.

Additional Tools

Our V+ (“V plus”) smartphone app provides real-time notifications and up to date performance tracking, whilst our Stratify tablet app guides business prioritization and superior decision-making.

Spend Analytics Overview

We provide Insight from analysis of client data and external data sources.

Striking Visualization and Reporting Dashboards that aids interpretation.

Data extraction, cleansing and mapping using APIs and robotic process automation.

Spend Data

Rapid Data Analysis using a class-leading analytics platform

Garbage in, garbage out. The first step in any data analytics exercise is to cleanse data and validate its integrity – making sure it is the right data set and contains the correct information in a usable manner

Where this is not the case, we deploy process automation and smart algorithms to rapidly correct and re-classify data as required.

Our proprietary Conjoint Analysis algorithm allows us to match and group data into meaningful categories or segments. In most cases, this work can be done in days with the minimum of manual intervention.

Spend Visualization

Visualization Console – available on Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop

Our Visualization Console brings data to life which aids the user’s interpretation of what’s going on.

Dynamic images incorporate data feeds from multiple sources including news stories, commodity indexes and social media.

Dashboards can be viewed on-the-go on Smartphones and Tablets.

Spend Analytics Insights

We provide you with Insight Services, which tell you about relevant trends and what’s going on with your data – and what action you may take

Our Insight Service provides you with an accurate and deep understanding of a problem or situation, and its significance and potential impact or opportunity it creates.

Our Insight Services go beyond data and visuals to tell you exactly what you need to know, provided as action-orientated statements.

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